Tilt-in-Space Reclining Rehab Wheelchair

Comfortable, convenient, flexible, and multi-functional, the R106 Rehabilitation Wheelchair lets users get closer to the world. The multi-functional adjustable seat has features and benefits like recline, tilt-in-space, reduced sedentary injury, reduced shear force pressure, reduced discomfort when adjusting, and ergonomic design.
The wheelchair reclines from 90º – 135º with its back supported by two cylinders. Tilt angles are from 0º – 30º. Footplates are high-low adjustable. Users can adjust the sitting position, and the seat moves backward while reclining to reduce the shear force pressure against the back. The armrest height and seat width and depth are adjustable:
armrest height of 20~28 cm; seat width of 40, 43, 46, 48 and 51 cm; and seat depth of 46, 48 and 51 cm. A user can use it from childhood to adulthood.

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