Sapphire 7510 Mattress Overlay

The Sapphire 7510 Mattress Overlay System is for the prevention and treatment of skin breakdown and pressure ulcers in patients at low risk, offering low risk patients a practical alternative to static pressure care.  The overlay is constructed from 130 cell sections that cyclically inflate and deflate in an alternating pattern.  Cyclic alternation of pressure prevents pressure ulcers by maintaining and simulating the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids to provide essential oxygen and remove metabolic waste products.  Maximum user weight 100kg.
• 130 alternating cell sections to gently stimulate the skin’s surface, encouraging increased blood flow and circulation across high risk areas.
• Sturdy, waterproof PVC material.
• Long panels at head and base fold under mattress to securely fit to any standard single bed.
• Overlay can be rotated 180 degrees for preferred control unit position at either end of the bed.
Control unit
• Compact control unit pumps 3.5 to 5 liters of air per minute.
• Fully adjustable pressure level to match individual user weight and comfort.
• Inbuilt rear hanging hooks for easy mounting and control unit portability.
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