Pride LC-101 Lift Chair

The Pride LC-101 electric riser recliner chair is a popular fabric recliner chair and comes with a T-back style back in a choice of two colors; Cocoa, and Sandle.

The Pride LC-101 electric riser recliner chair will rise up to a standing position allowing you to get out of your chair easily and whenever suits you. The Pride LC-101 electric recliner chair will gently fall back to a seating position at the push of a button.

The chair is operated with an extremely simple to use handset which is designed to allow even those with poor dexterity or arthritic hands to use it in comfort. The chair is fitted with a smooth and quiet single motor which moves both the footrest and backrest, when you raise the footrest the backrest will recline at the same time.  It also features an integrated emergency battery backup system that can be run on two common 9 volt batteries.

The Pride LC-101 Electric Riser Recliner can accommodate a medium sized person with a maximum weight of 147 Kg.

  • Button-back design
  • 3 position lift/recline
  • Engineered furniture laminate/hardwood frame
  • Patented, quiet &smooth lift system
  • Large side pocket
  • Integrated emergency battery backup (batteries not included)
  • External transformer for easy access to battery backup
  • 147 kg weight capacity