Drive Medical Full Electric Bed

The Full Electric Bed is perfect for anyone who needs a hospital style bed at home or in a nursing home. The Full Electric bed has a motor which is quiet and smooth when operating the adjustment of the head and foot sections and the height of the bed with the hand control. The frame of the bed provides superior strength and reduced weight due to its construction, while the spring deck is zinc coated to provide durability and to reduce corrosion effects. The hand control is easy to use and will operate the head section, the foot section, and the bed height at the same time and has a convenient clip which attaches to the frame of the bed making sure the control is always by the patients side. The Full Electric Bed is perfect for any home where someone needs additional assistance in bed and would like the added convenience of being able to adjust the sections of the bed.

Drive Medical Full Electric Bed Specifications

  • Overall Width: 92 cm
  • Overall Length: 224 cm
  • Height Range: 32 to 61 cm
  • Weight: less than 68 Kg
  • Weight Capacity: 204 Kg
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